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Sukkot Box

Sukkot Box


Welcome to your Sukkot Box! You’ll find everything you need to celebrate this festival at home. Sukkot, a Hebrew word meaning "huts," celebrates the fall harvest while also commemorating the 40 years that Jews wandered through the desert after escaping slavery in Egypt. 


Many items in this box were designed especially for Traditions-Delivered and crafted by clients of Josh’s Hope, a nonprofit training program for young adults with mental health challenges. Please allow 5-7 business days for this product to ship. However, we recommend purchasing your box at least thirty days before the holiday.

    • What's in the Box?

      This box contains:

      • 2 Candle holders
      • 2 Candles
      • Model Sukkah kit
      • Sukkah grape lights
      • Ivy vine
      • Four Species platter
      • Table runner
      • Recipes
      • Guidebook
      • Music resources
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