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Hi, I'm Gail Stern, founder of Traditions-Delivered (T-D). I started Traditions-Delivered (T-D) when my daughter-in-law said she wished she had more information about Jewish traditions when she married my son. What a great idea!


In earlier lives, I owned Stern & Mott, LTD, producing large corporate meetings, then moved to North Carolina and founded Mandala International Adoption Services. After raising five children, I now live the quiet life, owning a real estate company and running Traditions-Delivered. Call it retirement, I dare you.

In addition to a holiday guidebook full of history, suggested Judaica usage, recipes, music, stories and more, our boxes are lovingly packed with items individually hand-crafted from a variety of fine hardwoods by members of Josh’s Hope, a non-profit program supporting young people with mental health challenges.

With the purchase of a Traditions-Delivered box, you will have everything you need to explore, enjoy and celebrate Jewish traditions, whether it’s for the first time or to invent your own version of an old custom. Welcome to the family. L’chaim!

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